Introvert's love letter
Introvert's love letter rem_chan stories
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Hey, i want to tell you something...before that...sorry, i am a quiet guy. I'm sorry. I can not get rid of my timid character. I always find it exhausting to be cheerful and energetic as everyone else. You know, i like the peaceful feeling when i am sitting alone. I fell recharged and refresh during my whole time alone, thinking and observing this world.

Introvert's love letter

Hey, i want to tell you something. But first...i am sorry, i am a quiet guy. I'm sorry.i cannot talk with you directly.I can not get rid of my timid character. I always find it exhausting to be cheerful and energetic as everyone else. I no longer can hold back my feeling towards you.

You know, i like the peaceful feeling when i am sitting alone. I fell recharged and refresh during my whole time alone, thinking and observing this world.

But i want to talk with you.only you.

Hey, i recently found out that i had about 70% introvert character in myself.well, i just randomly answering personality test on internet. I never expect to get that kind of result.

Yeah, i do not really like socializing. Especially, with girls. I began to felt uncomfortable, my hand ridiculously sweating and my mind was plagued with unescessery things.

It is weird right? for a guy like me to be that shy. And my friends think highly of me. Thanks to god, i have talent, knowledge, slightly good looking face, sexy and some great qualities.arts etc; Suprisingly, I am great in football. but i never communicate with my teammates properly.

Looks weird but they think i am very close to perfect.but still, i do not have the height and attractive personality. And i never getting mad or involves in any arguments. Sometimes, i hate myself. And i get envious of the people around you. I am lacking in confident to be accepted by the community.

But here, i used up all of my courage to tell you the secret of my heart. I love you I like you I want to be with you

Did you know? i have like you for a very long time. I can proudly said that my feelings for you is greater than anyone else.i like you. I love you. Your good side or bad side, i want it all.

Hey, even love isn't even the greatest word to describe my feelings. I rather end up watching you being with someone else if you can be happy.

I am not good enough for you..yeah, i realized that. And i know my boundaries. Even if it is one sided love, i am happy to be that love u without any replies.i have no regret. As long as you are happy.

And i never expect more than that. this is nearly more than enough. i am happy. I will break my own heart into pieces if it is necessary for your happiness. And i will never interupt.your smile is enough.

I am a type of person who can be satisfied by an unrequited love. If u are happy, then i am. I will stored that feelings deeply in my heart. As deep as the bottom of the sea. I will seal my feelings for you. Because you are my first love.

I live to be narcissistic. To be independent. To walk down a path of fiery pit alone. I restricted myself to have emotion. In order to outshine other people.basically, to succeed. For me, to live is to devour others.

But, you came into my life. You break up my ego. You put my heart in tears. I want to be with you. No, i can't do that. You will be sad. I am not good enough. Thus, I will sacrifice this feelings. I hate is very sad and painful.

In order to gain something valuable, anything of the same value have to be sacrificed.this is the law of equivalent exchange. So,my love is the sacrifice. I hurts. I am very mad. Why it is only me? Someone,please....... HELP ME.....

I love u. until the time heals my heart. the pain,tears will be left as scars. And the scars will slowly vanished into the thin air.

I never have interest in any people. But your existence is at fault How cruel, to turn my pure heart upside down.i want to confess but nope.i will not. sad, isn't it? I'm afraid to be rejected. Love is terrifying.

Hey, i love you.. sorry, i said it again. That phrase, it is beautiful. I want to tell you 100 times. No....even if i list it down on all of the paper in this world, It is still not enough.

When we crosses path again, at the time, both of us will be standing infront of each other. Looking from eyes to eyes. Wondering, "who is this person?,seem familliar." But my heart will never show any responds at he time.

Because at the moment,we are already strangers.and my heart had already dead. Like rotten meat.

And i am no longer a shy rabbit. I have mutated to a big one. And i will stand at the top as i will become successful. I will look down on, please do not look at me. Please... At the time,my personality sucks.

This is my sorrow love. You should mine yours.

Hey, i can remember the time when i am watching your routines. Even it is blurr. But i can fell that at the time, my heart was at ease watching your heart beats like crazy. Badump. Badump. I am truly happy.

my blood pumped as if u are the person who is destined for me.

Even the mouth tells lies.the heart will speak the is pathetic.weak. gross.

My only regret is that i meet u.

It Will be much better if we never knew each i can be as transparent as air. Nobody will notice my existence. Forgotten. And finally disappears from thos vast world.

Well, we are not meant to be are happy with someone else. I look at the photo of yours with a looks happy with him. "Haahhh...i hope he was me!" I am good looking, talented, clever.and i turned down every single girl just for you. But, did you notice my existence?

Love hate envy wrath pride greed

This is my sins for only loving u.


I wonder who u are meant to be with. Just by thinking about it make my heart tywitching like crazy. Shit.just burst already. I cannot withstand this feeling.

I hope that person can make u happy. The end.

I envy him. but this feeling will not last will disappear. I am good enough to get used to this.well,it happen everytime. But, you are the toughest.

in the future, if i meet someone better...who i can give my life for, i will love her. Greater than my love to u. So,please let this feeling disappear. I don't want it...

I, who is innocent, will devote my life to the special one who will brighten my life. My future wife, whoever you are, my souls is just for you. I will love you. So, come out already and let me hug you tightly. If it is you, then i hope you realized it as quick as possible.

So, Thank u to be part of my life.

Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you

And i love you.goodbye.

I will live a life better than anyone else. so, let never meet again. I have promosing future ahead. But if you stay with me, it will be much better. Hey, would you meet me again in afterlife?

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