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My friend named Shadow


I have a friend Just one friend

His name is Shadow And I only play with him

He is understanding He is calm

He is the only one

Who gets along With me

My only source of comfort My only source of company

The only person who helps me Survive in this miserable world

But during the night

Or when the sun hides,

Shadow disappears Fading away

And I'm alone again

On days without Shadow,

I cry because I was alone Truly alone

Without Shadow

One day, as I lay In the bed

In the room that smelled like medicine

I saw a black figure

He looked like Shadow

He came up to me and said,

"Your time is up; You must come with me now

Take my hand" And I did

I took his hand and he pulled me Out of the window

And into the grey sky

"Who are you?" I ask

He looks at me with empty eyes Eyes that had seen everything

He said, "My name is Death."

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