To the guys who used me
To the guys who used me boys stories

reinahelenemora Cancer surviver, abuse surviver
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Manipulation and lies from guys who "cared and loved me"

To the guys who used me

Hello boys, I don't call you men because a man would never use a women just to get sex, a man would never lie or manipulate the situation to get what he wants,

a man would never pick a woman who isn't sacure about her self and use her because she's an easy target.

To the boy who had sex with me when I was 13-14 and you were 18 how dare you say you love me and butter me up and then have sex with me.

I didn't tell the police because I was confused I was a foolish child and I still haven't reported you to the police because I'm still confused and I don't know what to call what you did to me.

Your not a man because a man wouldn't do what you or the other stupid boys did thats why I call you boys. I hope I never have anything to do with you or the others ever again!!

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