How I met Jonathan
How I met Jonathan  lies boys stories

reinahelenemora Cancer surviver, abuse surviver
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A guy who used me

How I met Jonathan

Jonathan was my friends older brother who I knew from a young age as his sister Vanessa and I were friends in primary school,

we difted apart when we got older although her family would vist out of the blue when ever they wanted to, they weren't invited they just would come visit,

as a young teen I had a massive crush on my friends brother the useaual school gitl crush but he'd that against me.

Jonno (aka Jonathan) and I would talk over Facebook and he started to butter me up l,

tell me I was pretty and that he liked me he'd tell me all this privately of course I didn't know he was grooming me,

one day I left school early because I told the school I was "sick" when I was perfectly fine I was in year 8 or 9 when he took my virginity.

Yes I was under the age of consent as the legal age is 16 here in Australia but I digress I hope I have nothing to do with you or your family ever again.

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