A letter to my pathetic excuse of a mother
A letter to my pathetic excuse of a mother family stories
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reinahelenemora Cancer surviver, abuse surviver
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A letter to my mum

A letter to my pathetic excuse of a mother

Hey mum its me, firstly thank you for being there and helping out,

but I have to say I don't thank you for putting me though the abuse for 23 years and I'm still dealing with it because you keep talking about the man who abuse my siblings and I as children.

Why must you be so selfish I tell you I don't want to talk about it but you call me rude or keep talking about him.

The man who'd tell us we were worthless and never amount to anything , the man who would get his leather belt fold it half and hit us with it,

the man who held his daughter to high standards and there was nothing we could do well to match the sunshine shining out of her fucking ass (please excuse the swearing).

I have no idea why you spend you time spend together you can't call what you two have a "relationship" he seems nice and then you complain that he's being a ass hole to you but you still

go back to him to be treated the same way all over again.

I call you a human yo-yo because you keep coming to me and complaining but you but to him time and time again which I find pathetic.

"I need a man that treats me well, that will cook for me when I get home from work.

" He's not what you want he's nothing like what you say what uou want but yet you stay in this shitty pathetic excuse you call a "relationship".

I can't say goodbye to you yet mum but hopefully one day when I don't need your help anymore.

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