A letter to my alive but dead dad
A letter to my alive but dead dad relation ship stories

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A letter to my very much alive to whom I consider to be dead

A letter to my alive but dead dad

Hey dad its me,

we don't have much a father daughter relationship and its sad to say this but I'm use to it even my phycologist thinks I'm better off thinking your dead even though your clearly still alive.

I know you love me but you've been in and out of my life alot and now I've got the choice to have you in my life if I want to, but honestly I'm use to not having you in my life.

I know you tried hard to see me as a child and yes I wanted you in my life as a teen,

and yes apart of the little girl who went though cancer and her parents went through divorce while that was happening would love nothing more than to have

the classic sterotypical father daughter relationship.

I know this will upset you but image what I went though for a moment, I was five and a half when diagnosed with wilms tumour, you never came to visit me in hospital,

when you moved away mum said you were coming to vist and yes you would come vist but other times I'd sit infront of the window watching waiting for you to visit but you didn't.

When I got older the visits became less and less,

but then you had a fiance from america who i thought was lovely and she was great for you and I spent more time with you cracked a couple of jokes which she was offended by which i didn't

know that my jokes hurt her.

The visits became less again and we started to part ways, you would see me here and there but now I don't see you at all which is yes my choice but I have no contact with you at all.

So sadly dad I have to say goodbye forever because to me my dad died even though you are infact very much alive .

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