The Soul of a Warrior
The Soul of a Warrior warrior stories

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The destiny of the one who fought all his life on the battlefield for the peace that might never come..

The Soul of a Warrior

It's cold

And I'm burning

My body feels n u m b

But mind keeps running

My vision becomes blurred

But the World F o r t h e f i r s t t i m e S e e m s clear

If I fall asleep, I may n e v er wake up again..

The wound is deep

The wound is deep And that's my l a s t breath.


I shout from my last powers..

'Hey, Death!'

'Come get me!'

'Get me if you dare to!!'

I remember your gaze..

When my brothers o n e b y o n e

F e l l to your c a l l

(A tear was rolling down the cheek)

'Now come if you dare!'

The Sun began to rise behind the hill.

Shedding its light on the greenish-yellow leaves.

Calling upon me, to blow away my grieves.

'I didn't think, I'd manage to survive the night.'

'What a beautiful dawn..'

(But i t w a s s t i l l n i g h t, and under the Moon in the woods..)

(Another soul left this place)

(For which he fought Till the End)

Death: I can only be seen by those who are t r u l y f e a r l e s s of me. (And you say you saw me..)

Death: Heheh, what an interesting soul..

S o u l of a W a r r i o r

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