Why We Kissed
Why We Kissed microfiction stories

regitatae Happy doesn't suit me.
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It was all for the wrong and right things.

Why We Kissed

by regitatae

I kissed you because you are my sunshine.

You light up not just my world, but the entire universe; because that’s how bright and terrific you are.

Before that, I kissed you because you are witty and funny.

You charmed your way in so easily, but I guess that’s just how you have always been; charming, gentle, and kind.

The very first time, I kissed you because you are beautiful.

You and your butterscotch hair, your deep, dark eyes, and your playful grin.

But you only kissed me because I looked like her.

Sure, I was a pretty face, but I was not the pretty face you wanted. I was never the one you wanted to kiss, because you never really wanted to kiss me in the first place.

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