What You Don't Know
What You Don't Know drinking stories

regitatae Happy doesn't suit me.
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The reason behind why things hadn't worked out between us. The reason behind why I am the way that I am right now. I'm sorry.

What You Don't Know

by regitatae

You have no idea.

Things had already been spiraling out of control, way before the drinking starts.

You thought every drop of liquor had changed me,

drove me away from being the thing you once loved the most.

You were wrong,

because I could only blame myself, and the demons in my head.

They whisper a lot of awful things, you see.

They drove me further from what I’d been so close to once; love.

So, I pushed you away.

I pushed you away to prevent you from having to deal with the wreck that I am.

And now,

you’re all caught up with another girl; one that is no doubt better than me and prettier than me.

You’re going to spend tonight kissing her lips,

while I’m going to spend tonight kissing the lips of yet another liquor bottle.

You’re going to be inside her,

while I’m going to try and fail to forget you.

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