What He Needed
What He Needed mental illness stories

regitatae Happy doesn't suit me.
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What He Needed

by regitatae

He didn’t need you to love him.

Your affection and attention meant nothing. ‘Cause I am the reason why his days are as bleak; And he could never predict me coming.

There is nothing you could do to stop me.

I’m only going to let him screw things up. You were only able to divert his mind from me. I am something that you could never stop.

I gave him his manic days.

Times where he would feel invincible in every ways. Times where he could actually give something in return. Though, little did you know, it was only concern.

You’re only going to get yourself hurt, missy.

For I am the one who holds his emotions most of the time. I will make him feel like he’s drowning deep in the sea, and there is nothing you could do to save him.

This whole thing is a ticking time bomb, you see.

I will rain on his thoughts, make him feel unworthy. What do you do when you feel likewise? You push away the things you think you don’t deserve.

So, he will push you away with all his might,

because I am the demon that lives in his head. I am what they call an invisible illness; both deadly and vicious.

He didn’t need you to love him. He needed to be rid of me.

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