Sweet Dreams
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regitatae Happy doesn't suit me.
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Can't get you out of my head.

Sweet Dreams

by regitatae

For the thousandth time, I, once again, dreamt of you, the angel that haunts my dreams every night.

Everything felt so real, like a rewinded story that is stuck in my memory. I could almost feel you with the touch of my fingertips, although just barely.

I dreamt about when you and I were still able to hold hands; when if I miss you, I could still see your face and feel at ease;

when I kiss you, I could still feel the warmth of your lips linger; when I don’t have to be terrified at the world, because I have you—my entire universe—by my side.

When I opened my eyes, I stared at the ceiling and feel the tears that wet my face. I was all alone, on a cold bed, without you.

Praying to whichever God out there that you’re happy, even when I can’t be by your side just yet.

Memories are what’s left of you in my mortal life, but you’ll always reside in the deepest part of my heart.

Because on the night you stopped saying goodnight, I stopped sleeping.

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