Dear Lover,
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A love letter to my beloved.

Dear Lover,

by regitatae

To the one who holds my heart,

I will never find the right word to express how much I love you. You’ve always wondered why you had me from the very beginning, and it’s getting stressful how you always question it out loud.

Although, I have always loved how your eyebrows would furrow in confusion whenever I answered it with the most simple yet perfect answer: you.

I love you not because some parts of you attract me,

I love you because you’re perfectly… you. The whole entirety of seven billion billion billion atoms that is your body? I love every single one of them.

You’re smart.

You always know what to do whenever there’s a situation that gets in your way, and you sure are smart when it comes to sweet talking me out of anger whenever we got into an argument.

Your sense of humor is flawless.

Yes, even when it comes to your very bad puns, but I guess whatever makes you laugh—as long as I can hear that cute chuckle that always comes before your laugh—will always be my favorite thing.

You’re clingy and romantic.

Remember that one date when we were supposed to go to this rooftop bar, but you didn’t know that you had to book the table? Instead, we spent the night in bed with burgers and action movies.

You like to be touched, hugged, and kissed.

Just as much as I love giving them, and oh, how much I love yours, too. The way you’d always smile against my lips right after we kiss would always be in my mind.

I love everything about you.

The curve of your lips, the scar on your shoulder, your cheeks which I like to pinch and poke, your eyes, your collarbone, and hell, even your nervous, sweaty palms.

There’s only one thing I would love to do to you.

I would like to show you to the world. I would like the entire world to know how you have turned my life around, how you have made it a hundred times better whenever I think about you.


How come every time I introduce you to people, they all look at me like I’m crazy with a hint of confusion as they try to convince me that nobody was beside me?

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