Babe, Stay, Stay.
Babe, Stay, Stay. sad stories

regitatae Happy doesn't suit me.
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this got really bad at the end, i've been having a block and just feel the need to finish this one off while i'm off with a severe cold, but... here, i guess?

Babe, Stay, Stay.

by regitatae

she spent the night kissing the lip of another liquor bottle

while he spent the night mourning over the realization of all the things he had given up just to prevent her, the one thing he loved, from sleeping on the bathroom floor for just one night.

she just wanted to keep her demons at bay,

but she was drained and the alcohol helped her— helped her fog and numb the things her demons do to her;

while he just wanted her sufferings to end,

because he was trapped in this thing they call love, but he was also slowly slipping away from its grip.

she ended up spilling her guts out again,

the cold porcelain against her cheek, her damp hair sticking to her skin;

while he ended up saying goodbye,

the love of his life hugging the bowl of the toilet, his last words followed by a soft peck to her forehead.

she woke up to the sound of her phone,

the unfamiliar voice of a man, the news that her beloved, the same one who had left her crying her nights off at random pubs, was no longer on earth with her.

he was trying to drive back to her, with puffy red eyes;

an apology letter in one pocket, a box of ring on the other, until a drunk driver got to him on a crossroad, two cars colliding, no survivors whatsoever.

and so, she got herself drunk again.

with the sober decision she had made before, she got on her car and drove off of a cliff somewhere.

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