us, the gripping series
us, the gripping series love stories
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regenkind nostalgia and blurry thoughts on rain.
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we weren't made for each other.

us, the gripping series

we weren't made for each other, nobody is.

we started small; so small I can't even remember how we met.

we just became /us/.

us, with the same haircut and such different minds.

us, swapping clothes in first grade to confuse the teachers.

us, mischievous geniuses of the classroom.

us, full of intrigue and manipulation.

us, with jealousy and heartache and betrayal.

us, always knowing what to say.

us, forced apart and clinging on regardless.

us, growing older and becoming ourselves, walking different roads in our heads and staying together in our hearts.

us, beautiful chaos and anxious calm.

us -- you and me;

the series continues.

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