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regenkind nostalgia and blurry thoughts on rain.
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I can barely remember a time without them.

(this isn't only movies, please forgive me.)

other worlds

I can barely remember a time without them.

from the outside, they look quite unadventurous;

boxes that are tightly shut

stacked on top of each other, piled up on shelves,

catching dust in cupboards.

but when they are opened --

oh, when they are opened the magic all but pours out of them,

fluorescent lights and daring heroines,

sorrow and joy and cleverness beyond imagination.

I have known them for so long, loved them so fiercely

that the stories, the worlds have become intertwined with mine.

when the darkness closes in and the voices wear me down

that is where I go. I follow the spell they hold over me

and let the tendrils of excitement draw me in completely;

because they are home

/my/ home

when I need shelter from the storm.

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