old fears
old fears evil monster stories
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regenkind nostalgia and blurry thoughts on rain.
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what used to scare me.

old fears

when beasts had teeth and claws and fur

and fourteen eyes and lolling tongues;

when fears were big and sharp to touch,

with jagged edge and striking form;

when all I did was close my eyes,

switch on the lights, draw curtains back;

when beasts had teeth and leering grins

but shied away from open hearts --

those were the days of childhood terror,

deepest fear, then great relief

--relief that is much harder now;

today my monsters have no shape.

I slice through swirling fog with blades,

heart set on battling what approaches

but there's no knowing when they'll strike

since I can never see them near.

oh, those were the days when fears were tame

and monsters easily fought;

I only hope that one day soon

I'll learn to battle fog.

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