Chapter-2(RAINBOW) lovetriangle stories

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After realising that someone is trying to kidnapp her,she shouts but nobody listens as almost nobody was there.

Sara:-Who the hell are you?Leave!!

Anonymous:-Just shut up, otherwise I'll kill you.(trying to threaten)

Sara:-Please leave me, I've to go and make up our dorm room and also to the optical center to get my glasses. I've many works to do, please leave me.

Anonymous:-(smirks)Are you even real? I've kidnapped you and you are worried about your works?

Sara:-Please leave me, I think you need money but I don't have that much money to give you.(starts weeping)

Anonymous:-Oh god, stupid (murmurs)

He takes the cloth out from her head and laugh out loud

Aaron:- Oh god!! Look at your face, you are still a crybaby!! (In between laughs)

Sara:- AARONNN!!! How dare you!! Y-You,You are also the same monkey faced boy who is..(she stops as she notices he is laughing continuously)

Sara:- You pervert! You scared me to death.Still pulling pranks on others like a kid.

Aaron:-You remember? You used to say"I never get scared, I'm brave!"Is this your bravery (laughs)

Sara:- Everyone will get scared if they're kidnapped.But you're gonna pay for it, just wait.Monkey,What does he think of himself.(murmurs)

She was leaving but but he holds her hand and she stops there.He pulls her back.

Sara:- W-Wh-What!?(stammers)

They look into each others eyes.Both were feeling like they've missed each other so much but won't show it obviously and suddenly their eye contact breaks.And Aaron speaks

Aaron:- Y-Your bag!!

Sara:-Ahh! I'm in hurry otherwise I wouldn't spare you,Monkey!

Aaron:-(smiles)Wait,four eyes!So,You study here and I'm sure you've chosen arts.

Sara:-Firstly,stop calling me four eyes!!And I too think that you've chosen arts.Am I right??


Both laughs!!!

They were walking together and Allie comes to them.

Allie:- Finally you're here.I thought you've gone to meet your mom in your hometown

Aaron:- It's all because of him.He,He is the biggest prankster ever,Mr.Aaron,Who kidnapped me!!

Allie:-Hi, Aaron! Ohh!! you are her childhood friend!! By the way,Kidnapping and all!(confused)I don't understand!!

Aaron:-Hi Allie!, not kidnapping actually, it was a prank!!!

Sara:- I also know that!You are not that courageous to kidnap somebody.Monkey!!!

Aaron:- Why would I want to kidnap someone?I was just joking around you!!Do you think I'm just like you, four eyes !!

Sara:- I'm telling you don't call me that!

Aaron:- Oh really,Then you also don't call me, monkey or whatever!!!

Sara:-No that won't happen!

Aaron:- Okay,then I'll also call you four eyes,four eyes

Sara:- Y-You...

Allie:-Guys,stop it!!!!

I thought you guys childhood friends but you're fighting like enemies.

Aaron:-Seriously,allie i used to salute myself for being able to endure her,but now i also salute you,for being able to handle this psycho, four eyes.I was freakin' tired of her.

She made me psycho too.

Sara:- Oh you just shut up.I used to get tired of you.And you're the one who made me psycho not me.

Aaron:- Oh whatever! I've got something very important,got stuck because of you.Bye Allie,Bye four eyes (pats on head)

Sara:- Y-You, who stopped you here you are the one to mess with me!!(shouts)

Allie:-Shut up!!!(puts her hands in Sara's mouth)We have to make up our room,if you remember!

Allie was slightly angry and Sara was goofing around her as she crashes to a guy and his books fell down...

Who might that guy be?On next chapter!!

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