Alone, Not Lonely
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reederhflyAvid reader // Amateur writer
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Alone, Not Lonely

by reederhfly

If I showed you my loneliness...

Would you let me be?

Would you let me live with people all around...

While feeling secluded in my own thoughts?

Would you let me share in your mirth...

While craving my self-contained merriment?

It has never been truer that we are social by nature...

Yet here I am with my friends long gone and I'm the one left behind.

Though I have people to talk to and laugh with...

The ones who matter have been removed from me by distance, life and aspirations.

And though I am lonely in missing them...

I revel in my alone time, being the best company I can have in their absence.

So if I show you my loneliness...

Please don't change me. Don't intrude in my seclusion.

If I show you my loneliness...

Know that I may be alone but never forlorn.

If I show you my loneliness...

Just leave me be.

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