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I wrote this right after I got dumped long ago when I was in a really bad place. but now I'm so much happier with the person I'm currently dating and he encourages me to post my work, he really is the best <3

when you said

When you said you didn't love me anymore

was there an exact second, a precise moment

in the middle of a conversation late at night

or was it in a text sent early morning

what was the weather like that day

what did you have for breakfast that morning

tell me, how did you know

what did you feel

what made you believe that you weren't in love with me anymore

in that fraction of a second

did something click, did you have an epiphany

did you picture me in your head and did i melt into something

so ugly, so repulsive that you couldn't love anymore

when you said you didn't love me anymore

I had so many questions

but all I could say was - I am sorry I have turned into someone you cannot feel for

I am sorry you have turned into someone who fell out of love with me

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