un-fair and lovely
un-fair and lovely bodypositivity stories

redvelvetcookie conquering the world, one poem at a time
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a dose of body positivity made especially for each and every one of you because you deserve all the love in the world!

un-fair and lovely

I've been running around for so long

Chasing an idea of happiness

Of perfection

Fed to me by illusionists

Who control the world

Who tell me my dark skin isn't pretty

My fat body not good enough

My hair not beautiful enough

And I ask them why

And they have no answer

Just a contorted idea of flawless

When really

Instead of trying to make

My body, my face, my mind

Fit into an image of predecided notions

So that someone would find me hot

Someone would call me pretty

Someone would like me

I can fall in love

With my skin and my body and my face

And my flaws

And I would not be imperfect

I would be perfect

In my own sense, my own way

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