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from the walls of my ancestral home where I learnt to love what I had for so long been so wary of

opinionated women

I sought for so long

The company of strong women

Who did what they wanted to

Worked inspite of neglect

Dressed inspite of opposition

Bold and beautiful

As the definition goes

And then one day

Which was so much like all the others

I sat in my ancestral home

Surrounded by the women of my family

Who argued on one thing or the other

As they do, you know

When for a fleeting moment

I had an epiphany

And I stopped to listen

And then I saw

What I had been looking for

I saw a bunch of strong women

Discussing a medical science

Some housewives, some mothers

Some old, some frail

Not all of them worked

Not all of them dressed well

Not all of them did what they wanted to

But in that moment

I found my company of strong women

I found my 'bold and beautiful'

I found in my grandmothers and my aunts

Everything that I had been looking for

I craved to be raised by empowered women

But here I was

Sitting cosily in my sister's embrace

Listening to the women of my family

Argue about one thing or the other

More empowered than ever before

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