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Something I wrote a long time ago.

Memories of a Song

When I woke up, it was in a small forest within a circle of oaks. As I walked through the trees, I stumbled upon a path. It was leading to a small village called Campanula.

I wondered where that was. Where I was. I don't remember where i came from before waking up. I overheard this is the land of Sequoia. A place where people are divided into two groups.

The “gifted” and the average. The gifted live in fear of the average because no matter who they were, the average wouldn't accept the gifted. Truth is they envied them for their gifts.

These gifts that were bestowed upon certain humans at birth called 'Neveah'. Nobody really knows where it comes from and why it only choses certain people.

Even though no one can choose wether or not they get it, they still are hated because they have it. Parents teach their children to hide their Neveah. To never reveal it to anyone.

Why is that I wonder? Why not work together and use these gifts for good? I don't even remember my own name, why would I have the right to think all this?

It has been about a week and a half since I woke up. I have stayed on the streets of Campanula sleeping on a bench near the river.

I do not long for answers about my past or being, I solely want someone to keep me company. Life isn't life without others to share it with.

Today I decided to go to the main plaza of campanula.

Maybe i dont have anyone to cheer me up, but atleast i can cheer up the bypassers of town by singing the one song I have found in my memories.

Smiling faces. People are standing around me listening as if this is the first time they have ever heard music. It feels nice.

Though I want to, I cant keep singing forever, thus I sing a last note and the people once standing around me vanish into their own lives with the people they share it with.

One stayed however. A boy who looked as if he'd seen the face of fear and came to take cover in my voice. He asked me what my name was after saying I have an angel-like voice.

It is the first time somebody talked to me. This is the first conversation I can remember. This is the first time since the ring of oaks that I used words and talked.

Though I couldn't answer his question. I don't know my name nor who I am. I thought he'd walk away after I rejected his question. But he didn't. He instead said who he was, who he is.

He asked me if I would want to come along with him, That he has a place for me to stay. Why would he bother? Is he perhaps gifted with the neveah of kindness? No that wouldn't be possible.

If he was he would be hiding it like he has been taught instead of applying it to a total stranger. I'm going to trust him. Maybe he will give me what I have longed for.

Maybe he will be my friend.

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