Greed Of Gold
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A new fairytale with an expected unexpected ending.

Greed Of Gold

Once upon a time lived a man whose greed could not be satisfied with the greatest of palaces decorated with diamonds and rubies,

filled with women whose beauty exceeded even the reddest of roses. The man sought all his life for more, for anything and everything that wasn’t his own yet.

He sacrificed hours, days even years to satisfy his greed. He wasted his time to even relish it. One day he got word of a treasure, gold that not even a thousand men could carry at once.

A treasure that even though many have attempted, has not been claimed by any man to this day.

With no choice but to aquire these new riches, the man set out on a journey that would lead him to the tallest, most dangerous mountain in the realm.

It was said the gold rests in a cave, beneath the top of this deathman’s mountain, but getting there wasn’t the only risk.

At the foot of the mountain the man got a warning; A curse will befall upon any soul who dares remove the gold from its resting place.

Blinded by his greed the man did not heed the warning and started ascending towards his impending doom.

As the man reached the point where the villages down below and far beyond could be seen, he came to a stop.

There was no other way to get to the top as a giant wall of fallen boulders blocked the only path. The man unwillinging to give up on the gold tried to clear the path.

His efforts where in vain, as he alone was not strong enough to move the boulders out of the way. Exhausted the man sat down and admired the view.

For a brief moment he felt some joy in the scenery. That moment was short-lived for the man had figured out how to overcome this obstacle.

He returned to the avalanche of boulders after recruiting a hundred strong men from the village below.

They succesfully cleared the path and as payment the man had promised each and every one of them a woman more beautiful than the sun.

He did so with great pain in his heart, for he felt that those belonged to only him. The man’s need to aquire the treasure had grown even greater.

He had reached the point where the trees grew low and the air grew thin. The man could barely catch his breath for he had not ever in his life pushed his body this far.

As luck would have it, a cabin stood just after the last tree. The man knocked and an old sage opened the door. The sage was most friendly and offered the man a place to rest.

Even though the dinner that got served was plain and simple, the man ate every last bite with great pleasure and good company.

That night the man told of his goals and how close he was to achieving them, but the sage felt the man was uninformed of the dangers ahead.

This time it was not only the curse that would await, but something much more troublesome. A dragon lives in the cave beneath the top of the mountain, guarding the gold with his life.

The man got anxious upon hearing this news, for how could he ever win against a dragon?

He figured he could go back down to the village and employ an army, but he had nor the strentgh nor intend to climb all this way a second time.

He offered the sage whatever his heart desires if he could go send the message in the man’s stead.

The old sage agreed and told the man he simply wishes a home in the valley, for his brittle bones could not bear to carry him back to his cabin.

All the man could give was his palace, and thus he did. The next day the sage traveled down and two days later the man’s requested army arrived. Fifty strong men equipped with the finest steel.

The man asked their price, but the knights wanted nothing but the honour of slaying a dragon. Even the treasured gold did not appeal to the men for they did not want to risk getting cursed.

The man could not understand.

With a line of protection in front of him, the man entered the dragon’s cave. He looked around, not for the beast, but for the gold.

His eyes met with the glistening pile of coins, crowns, even a full-sized golden steed.

The men in front of him weren’t filled with the same joy as the man, for on top of the unearthly beautiful treasure a dragon was sleeping. Scales of emerald green and claws like blades.

Half of the once brave soldiers ran. Those who stayed managed to incapacitate the dragon, only because they had the element of surprise on their hands.

As the dragon drew a last breath it spoke to the man. “I tried my best to protect it-”. The beast had been slain. Tired and carrying a sense of accomplishment; the brave men went home.

The man whose greed could not be satisfied reveled in his new treasure. He needed a plan to get his gold back home. Just then he realised he had given it away to the sage.

The dragon’s cave became his only home and the man became lonely. He had not the company of a woman for he gave them to the men from the village for helping him get to the treasure he now owns.

Surely he could use some of it to buy back what he lost? Greedy as the man was, he did succumb to this thought after three years.

He packed a great deal of coins in his sack and started descending the villainous mountain, only to discover his coins turned to coal when he reached the village.

It dawned on him that it must be the curse. In no way could he remove the gold from the mountain without it turning to coal. The man who had come close to having everything suddenly had nothing.

He could sit on a pile of gold which would break his neck must he fall of, yet it would even buy him bread.

Starving and alone the man used his last strentgh to build a fire with the coals of treasure and burned himself to death.

Out of the ashes a new dragon was born that would protect any other souls from paying the ultimate price of greed.

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