Forbidden Names
Forbidden Names mystery stories

redridingrobin Community member
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A fun short Poetry story!
(Personal favourite)

Forbidden Names

Once upon a time there lived in a village very far away, A little blond girl, with a name she cannot say.

She was forbidden of the use everywhere she went, confused as she was, she wanted to know what it meant.

Everyone in town denied to say a word about her name, until she met someone who asked for the same.

It was a little girl, with the exact same age as her.

They asked eachother what there names were for.

None of two could answer due their problem was the same. Together they still wondered, 'What's the meaning of my name?'

Many years had passed and the girls still asked around, wondering if there was a answer to be found.

The whole time together they didn't know what the name was of their best friend, still wondering what their own really meant.

They gave eachother nicknames they were allowed to say, the blond was called Night and the other one Day.

Even at night they kept on searching for their unsolved mystery, high up there was a glittering to be seen. It was a falling star, begging for a wish.

Most likely it was hoping to make someone rich. Both Night and Day looked up at the sky, in unision they both yelled 'Why?'.

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