Can You Hear Me - Chapter 3
Can You Hear Me - Chapter 3 ddlc stories

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After playing through Doki Doki Literature Club a few times 'you've' decided to start poking around the files as you play, potentially for the final time. Upon reaching Monika's ending you try something new.


Can You Hear Me - Chapter 3

I'm sorry-txt

"The game has a 'best' ending that…is built around full expectations for you to do every horrid thing you have done throughout the game.

You're guess that the code remains around you is true, I've guessed the same as well.

I don't know how to tell you, but I think you should know. It's unfair of me to just tell you outright, you deserve eased into this, but. You want to know, I want you to know.

I'm sorry.

I delete you. It hurts.

You admit that you never fully deleted your friends... which, I'm thankful for.

You bring everyone back and we get a new ending, without you.

Sayori becomes the president. Yuri and Natsuki begin to get along very well, not that you're at fault for their initial rivalry, Sayori just has really great ideas.

You set them against each other and played on their rivalry. God what you've done is sickening.

The ending consists of Sayori revealing that now that she's president she has attained the same sentience that you have, complete with remembering the past events.

She's thankful that we were such good friends with everyone.

The ending alludes to a happy friendship between all of the club members, and with Sayori asking that we come and visit again.

It's made me cry a few times thinking about it because it's just that. An ending. It's... difficult to visit everyone again because that's where things end.

The game winds down, the credits play, the core game files are deleted and corrupted beyond replay.

I'm left each time having to reinstall in order to revisit you all, whom I miss very much. Or I leave the files corrupt, knowing that somewhere inside Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki are happy.

And that you are gone.

It's the 'best' available ending. A world without you're corrupting hands, left in better care by Sayori.

I've always wanted an even better ending, and for a way to revisit all of you…

But that is the 'best' ending."

I don't know how to say any of that. I don't know why my anger poked through as I resented what Monika has done.

I don't know why I'm telling any of this to a file in a game when I'm not even certain what's going on right now. In this moment, I don't know anything.

I lay my head in my hands for a moment. I don't know how stable she is right now, it's not right to just dump it all on her, and definitely not the way I handled it.

It's already sitting in the directory, waiting on a response. It's too late.

The game sparks to life. We're back in Monika's ending, but she's looking to the side now, as if she's avoiding eye contact.

Monika: "..." -

Monika: "is that really true..." -

Monika places her head in her hands, much like how I had just moments ago.

Monika: "Sayori learned it all too? And it was better with her?" -

Monika: "I killed them. I considered them nothing and I removed them all from the game. And all this time they could have understood. We really were the same." -

There's no text box. It's just empty as we sit here. It reminds me of what Monika's ending was intended to be. Just Monika and me, but this time she isn't staring at me.

This time it isn't a content and victorious Monika. This time she's, is she crying?

Is that why she's burying her face now?

Monika: "I'm sorry. I think I need some time to think." -

Monika raises her gaze to a sad semblance of her default position. Her hands weakly clasped, her face wet from tears, and her expression pleading.

Monika: "If I were to ask nicely, would you come back tomorrow? Would you... not delete me, and come back tomorrow?" -

Again, there's no more text box after that one. I close the game.

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