People always leave
People always leave  understanding stories

redinkcontained Just your average outsider
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An undirected story
If there’s a beginning there’s always an end.

People always leave

Is this who I become?

A lost cause

A nobody

Everyones slowly losing interest in me

And theres nothing I can do about it

I try, I try

I keep doing something, anything

I try to get them to laugh

To get them to like the time they spend with me

Yet, they still lose interest

What am I to them?

A toy to toss aside

A long lost forgotten pet

A nobody

I see it everytime we meet

That look in their eyes

Theres no interest, no true happiness

Its just void of most emotions in my presence

But with someone else, their eyes light up brighter than the universe itself

In that moment, I dont know who they are but theyre a different person

I know that they wouldnt want me to see that side of them

I cant help that I’m so boring all the time, I cant really do anything much anyways, I cant help that there’s other people out there thats always more to your liking

I just cant stand being left alone, being ignored, left like a loser, A nobody

Yet when someone hears that I’ve been down they always try to cheer me up, because no one can stand someone dying

No, that would be a terrible thing wouldn’t it

So they just give me pitty attention

My personality not good enough for you? My laughter? My happiness? None of that matters when you have someone better, huh?

Cant you at least give me another shot?

Wait, no, i still dont want your pitty

I actually want someone who’s interested in a person like me, who actually wants to be my friend

I wont stand for pitty friendship, I just cant

When you cant really converse much with me, and you talk stories to other people

Just leave me, it wont hurt as much as you staying in my life

You only hurt me more

Why cant you just leave me be!

Let me be alone if thats all your going to do, I’m not some doll you can just play with

I’m actually alive, I have feelings too, I get hurt just like everyone else

Im a living breathing person who walks around on planet earth just like you do, you are not the center of life itself

There’s other things in life that you have to realize that there’s more beauty to nature if you only look close enough

The bees wings are just as elegant as the insect itself, fluttering in a pattern that carry them from gorgeous flowers to flowers

The ants tiny little legs can do much more than you can think

The sun rises only to greet the moon to a new day

That the stars shine ever so brightly to guide you through the night, they never seem to disappear in the darkest of times, they’re always there even if you don’t notice

during the day when you forget about the stars and gaze about the sun, the stars are there, they’re always watching

If only you can look a little closer will you ever notice how people act around different people or how no one really cares about others problems

I think you made a good decision leaving me all alone, ‘cause if you hadn’t, who would I be today? Would I still be trying my best to keep you around? Or leave myself?

But I’m glad you did, I wouldn’t be who I am today without this happening

If it was never meant to be, then it was never meant to be

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