A little Story of mine~
 A little Story of mine~ sad stories

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I am not mean anymore I don't bully this was when I was in 2nd grade. I try to make up for what I did by being nice. if this makes you feel less of me. then so be it. but for the record. Ive changed im nothing like at all anymore.

A little Story of mine~

I'm going to tell a story of when I was younger.

Before 3rd grade. I lived in a bad city. I won't name it for reasons of course.

When I was in 2nd grade. I can't remember much. but I do remember.

I was always... Rude...mean and just awful to this one person...everyone there was...so I just went along with it.

Y'know...being the what 7yr me? I didn't know that was bad at that time.

Everyone teased this girl...just because she was different..they called her names...I wasn't as bad as some of the other kids but it was still bullying...I bullied someone...

I remember one time, they made this L shape out paper, and someone told the teacher it looked like a gun.

That girl ended up getting suspended or something for a few days. I don't know fully...but she wasn't there for a few days after that day.

one day, I also remember. She spilled water all over herself. It was on that puzzle piece carpet, you remember that from school those rubs made from Large Puzzles pieces?

Well, She spilt water all over herself and that rug thing. Everyone pointed at it and said she peed herself. I don't think I joined in on that one so that makes me slightly better.

But, towards the end of 2nd grade... People were saying their goodbyes to me, that girl we all bullied, said I was so polite and nice, that I always held the door open for her...

but I denied it all...because idek... after 2nd grade ended I was moving into the city I currently am in now.

and Something happened in 6th grade so we had to move out, we went to my brothers place for a year, back in that same bad city....just 10 minutes away from our old house...

In 7th grade so the next school year in that bad city. I go to school.

I found out. that same little girl everyone bullied...went there too.

It made me happy. For so long I wanted to say I'm sorry... But me being the shy kid, the kid who just moved in new school I knew nobody except for one person from Elementary...

but I didn't become friends with him again.

I also never said I'm sorry to that girl...people still made fun of her still...but this time nobody was near her...

they were always pointing at her telling others to stay away or you would get some sickness... this time I never joined in.

and still to this day...I regret never saying I'm sorry to her... She acted so nice to everyone...she was nice...she was polite...Her mom had a nice car, she drove her to school in it.

she was friendly only smiled...but that's all I saw...I can't imagine what she must've been through... For me only months of being alone tore me apart nearly made me go insane.

I cannot fathom how hard it must be for her. How much pain she could be in. I always think about this and her... I just don't get why people did that to her...

after 7th grade we moved back into the better city were we originally moved too.

I have never seen her again. I have not heard from her again, God only hope she is okay. I hope she is safe... I regret what I took part in all those many, so many years ago...

that poor girl and the torment she had to Endure all because she was, "Stupid" "ugly" which I never saw. as a 2nd grader, or 7th grader.

Whether you looked pretty or were smart it never mattered to me.

I told you all this story. because I still hold it close to my heart.

Don't bully others just because they are different, they are suffering inside.. They Don't deserve it.

Be Nice. Make others happy. Please.

This world won't see light if we don't try to make it better.

This is my longest post yet. and I thank you all for taking the time to read this.

~ I Love You Friend ~

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