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rebuecklicious Psychopath who loves to be ruined!!!
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in a memory of his birthday :')

Surprise Box

it was your birthday ahead , i had decided to give you an amazing surprise

a birthday surprise for the one i used to loved!!

i started wandering how i can manage all these things.. experiencing buying something for YOU

then a week before your birthday, i went to mall!! i was so nervous if you liked them or not!!

the very first thing i bought it was " Watch " Black in color with golden needles!!!

(as i said i was nervous) bad thoughts were hitting in my mind again and again!!

then i bought "Perfume"

i still remember it was Danhiel Desire Red in colored and smells like hell !!!

sorry but i sprayed some of it on my sleeve just to check it out!!

after spending a huge part of my pocket money i had decided to give you a special gift

A hand made Gift!!

next morning i went to stationary shop and get cardboard, colored sheets , glitters , ribbons , balloons etc for making a special gift ...

and that is a SURPRISE BOX A black Box full of secrets!!

it tooks my whole night in completing.. i made it on the night before your birthday, i made it with all of my love

then i wrote some of untold thoughts on chits and hide them in box that chits had my all feelings

how much i love? what are you for me? why i love you? why i falls for you? and many of untold thoughts .....

for hiding them i filled box with candies , balloons, glitters etc.. and i hope when you open it you feel you were the luckiest man indeed!!

on the morning when it's your birthday , we meet i hand over it to you i still remember our 10 mints chit chat in parking area... alot of things related to that day ..

But this all were over soon and now i am here holding our memories , reminding every moment of togetherness , leading an incomplete life without you , getting over all anxiety lonely, still loving you unconditionally .. i may hurt you but remember that you are the person i love the most ..

A Cruel memory of August 2017 THankYOu

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