Monster or Humans!!
Monster or Humans!! monster stories

rebuecklicious Psychopath who loves to be ruined!!!
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Another raped case , a little girl is also became the morsel of Lust!!!!

Monster or Humans!!

it was a darkest night ahead,

her eyes swollen her screeches faden her soul gradually disappearen

A blooming flower is extincting

what's left behind?

what's left behind? a body full of wounds,

what's left behind? a body full of wounds, telling the story of abusiveness & the cruelty of world

who are they? why they did?

these are the questions that we might listent every single day!! but no one could do anything to stop all these , to stand , to support

no one!!

they all were Monster !! (including all those who have power to stand but they don't)

A monster who ruined someone life , a monster who took someone's cause of life, a monster with a greed of lust, a monster who are beyond humanity !!

how they look like??


Big, Gaint , Beast ( with big teeth ) , tends to destroys everything ...


but no this isn't done by Dinosaur ..

it is done by the most weirdest Creature


last night a girl age 5y/o was raped by 4 peoples , they raped her for two days continuously and then threw her body to trash , she was living , breathing ,but they killed her by hitting with stones and burned her dead body ..

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