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Just a thought about the world and what it has been to live in it.

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Who Decided

Who decided life was to be so tough?

Who decided it was all about greed and having more stuff?

Who decided we needed someone to represent who we are?

Who decided the doctor saving lives gets paid less than the movie star?

Who decided we should all think a certain way?

Who decided it was ok to shame someone who said they are gay?

Who decided there are different religions to believe in?

Who decided being perfect meant being pretty and being thin?

Who decided it was ok to kill animals for personal gain?

Who decided natural remedies weren't better than codeine?

Who decided we had to punish people for what they believe in?

Who decided it was ok to judge a person by the color of their skin?

Who decided we couldn't live in a world of sharing and peace?

Who decided the meaning of life meant who had the bigger piece?

Who decided we had an upper class and that they were to be treated with more respect?

Who decided that human beings are simply an object?

Who decided this is what it means to be a human being?

Who decided it was better to act as we were told than to act to what we were seeing?

Who decided what is considered bad or good?

Who decided? We did.

By: Kimber Gillingham

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