The Performance
The Performance actor stories

rebeccapatton A young and inspiring author
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Acting definitely isn't a hobby, not least not to some.

The Performance

The actor enters the stage,

All dressed and his back straight,

Despite the lights and unfamiliar faces shining down on him.

He takes a calming breath and speaks,

Making sure his words sound real and full of emotion,

As he walks around and waves his hands to emphasize what he has to say.

He tries his best,

Despite how late in the night it is,

And how this performance wasn't on either the opening or closing night.

If he messes up or relaxes a bit on his acting,

He still has the other performances.

But he doesn't,

Because he believe the people in the audience are important,

And if there is any chance that they could benefit from his performance,

Then darn it he will take that chance.

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