Pursuing Freedom
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How cigarettes really treat you

Pursuing Freedom

Marilyn was in the simplest of terms, a slave.

Now, it wasn't like she was forced to work all day long.

It wasn't like she was living under horrible circumstances.

It wasn't like she didn't own any property.

Far from it, she had a high-paying job with good hours and a decent-sized apartment.

But Marilyn was a slave to the cigarette.

When the cigarette called for her while she was with her friends, it wouldn't stop nagging her until she went outside.

If Marilyn felt the need to smoke while working, she couldn't focus on her assignment until she finally fulfilled her want. Her need.

She couldn't calm down from little everyday anxieties without it.

It needed to stop, but her body and mind would react horribly each time she tried to stop.

So for a while, Marilyn just stopped trying.

Then, one day, a stranger turned up their nose when they smelled the stench on her clothes. On the same day, a child asked her why her teeth were kind of yellow.

Then, only for a few hours later, Marilyn's friend told her that she was now allergic to second-hand smoke and was afraid to hang out with her anymore.

That was when Marilyn decided enough was enough.

She threw out all her cigarettes and got the patches.

It was hard, and there were times where Marilyn felt like she was going to die.

But she didn't.

She kept at it.

She refused to give in.

Then one day, she no longer felt the need to smoke.

On that day, Marilyn realized that she was finally free.

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