Driving in the Rain
Driving in the Rain rain storm stories

rebeccapatton A young and inspiring author
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A set of haikus about believing in yourself.

Driving in the Rain

Rain pounds on the car, With no sign of letting up, I want to go home.

But home is too far, And I need to go to work, So I continue.

Why am I afraid? I never was scared before, What happened to me?

When my dad drove us, I loved seeing the rain fall, It made me cozy.

Is age an factor? I am the one driving now, Is that why I'm scared?

My life is my own, Do I not trust in myself, Believe in myself?

I am alive now, I have stayed safe for so long, Can I remain so?

Who says that I can't? Just the small voice in my head, But not anymore.

I can and will drive, I will go to work safely, Just watch and see doubts.

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