An Eerie Silence
An Eerie Silence cemetery stories

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Mira was a lonely girl who decided to take pity on an abandoned cemetery.

An Eerie Silence

Mira was a lonely girl. Her parents were too busy to pay her any attention and no matter how hard she tried, she didn't have any real friends.

There had been times where Mira had thought that she had made a friend, only to find out later that they had only wanted to use her.

And once they had used her, they would leave her behind, like their time together had meant absolutely nothing.

But even so, Mira kept her hopes up. She was still young, things were bound to get better. Right?

Then one windy late afternoon, Mira was walking home after a long day of school when she realized that her usual route was blocked by construction.

Realizing that she didn't really have a choice but to take a detour, Mira sighed and turned to a street that she had never once been on.

As she walked down the unfamiliar street, Mira noticed that all of the houses were either run-down like a soul hadn't entered the place in years or had front yards so unkempt that they were practically jungles.

Some of the houses even had boarded up windows like they were prepared for a hurricane despite it being early spring.

If it wasn't for the occasional car parked in a driveway, Mira would have thought that the whole street had been abandoned.

But despite dread creating a pit in her stomach, Mira walked on with the end of the street in her hopeful sights.

Then, right at the end of the street, Mira looked to her left and stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide.

There was a cemetery. A small one, probably had no more than a hundred graves at the most, but it was still very much a graveyard.

But what caught Mira's attention wasn't how small it was, no, it was how unkempt it was.

Even from where she was, Mira could see how the vines circled the tombstones like they were snakes and how they were leaves littering every inch of the ground.

It looked...abandoned.

Mira felt a huge surge of empathy for the place and without much thought on the matter, decided to clean the place up.

She didn't know how much she would be able to get done before it got too dark to do anything, but she was going to try. If nothing else, there was always tomorrow.

So with another new change in plans, Mira crossed the street and walked into the lonely graveyard. She didn't waste any time in going to the nearest tombstone and tearing the vine off of it.

Mira also did the same for the other tombstones that had vines on them.

When there were no more vines covering the tombstones, Mira gathered all of them and dumped them into a corner, planning on dumping them into a nearby garbage din later.

It was then that Mira looked up and saw how the sun was sinking into the ground. It was going to be dark soon, and home was still decently far away.

Maybe she should call it good for now and return tomorrow...

"Why hello there, little lady." Mira gasped as she swiftly turned around and saw two burly, middle-aged men a few feet from her, with scruffy beards and leering smiles.

Mira felt shivers crawl up her spine as she instinctively took a step backwards.

"Do you happen to have any change on you?" the man on the right asked her as he took a step towards her.

"N-no, I don't, I'm sorry," Mira answered truthfully with a shake of her head.

"Aw, it's okay little lady," the one on the left replied as he too took a step towards her, his smile growing even fake and predatory. "I'm sure you have other can pay us."

Mira did not miss the way the man looked her up and down.

Terrified, Mira opened her mouth to scream and began to turn around right as the men began to walk steadily towards her.

Then, out of nowhere, there was mist.

This mist wasn't like the fog that sometimes covers the ground in the early hours before slowly creeping away.

No, this mist swept in quickly much like how an eagle swoops in for the kill, and it was all encompassing and thick.

When Mira couldn't see the men anymore, she raised her hand and was shocked when she couldn't even see that. How was she supposed to run away now?

But perhaps the worst thing about this mist was how she couldn't hear anything. There was no wind rustling the leaves, no sound of footsteps, no sounds of breathing, nothing.

Then, just when Mira was debating whether she should risk running in the mist or not, it cleared up. Or rather, some of it cleared up.

As Mira looked, it was like the mist was clearing a path for her.

Mira hesitated slightly when she realized that she didn't couldn't hear anything.

But knowing that she really didn't have anything else to lose, she took a deep breath and walked into the cleared path.

As she walked, her kept her ears peeled for any sound, only for there to be none.

Mira just kept walking, though she half-expected that someone or...something would suddenly jump at her.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity walking through the mist...she was out. Not only was she out of the mist, she was also out of the cemetery and she could hear the wind again.

Mira turned around and saw that the cleared path she had been walking on was gone, the mist having gone back to covering every inch of the cemetery.

Needless to say, Mira didn't waste any more time in leaving the cemetery and the unfamiliar street behind.

The next day, the local news happened to be on T.V. as Mira was getting ready for another day of school.

At first she barely paid any attention to it but then a few certain words caught her ears, causing to give her full attention to the T.V.

A few bloody pieces of a single human ear had been found scattered right in front of the cemetery she had visited only yesterday.

The police have looked for who the ear could belonged to but they have found no one. There weren't even any other traces of blood or body parts.

When the news report was over, Mira didn't know whether she had been saved...

Or spared.

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