Swallow me whole
Swallow me whole trapped stories
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rebeccajones14 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
First poem to post here, about depression

Swallow me whole

Lying here in a vat of treacle,

Unable to climb out but not wishing to stay,

Caught between two states of mind, the panic sets in,

Why am I feeling like this? Why can't I free myself?

But no longer do I have the strength to fight,

Slipping deeper into the depths, drowning in the viscosity,

Strong, independent, resilient no more,

I fall into the arms of the beast.

It's talons take hold of me- dragging me further down,

Yet still, I have found some comfort,

The outside world is cruel and wicked,

Whereas right here in its arms, I feel safe.

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