Love Is A Drug
Love Is A Drug love is a drug stories

rebeccaflattley Illustrator/Poet from Melb, Aus
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Love Is A Drug

When you don't have too many people to go to you hold onto whoever you can even if you know those people aren't good for you, and I've finally realised that your sweet words were just poison, slowly kicking in as time went on, weakening me day by day.

I knew that you were feeding me beautiful yet vile lies, but I was addicted, your poison was my antidote to my emptiness, I wanted more of what you had to offer, and I only realised when I had finally fell, crashed and wasted away that you were toxic

each tear I sobbed was a desperate attempt to rehabilitate my mind from your venom and rid myself of every fib you whispered oh so softly to me. No more would your words creep into my heart and cause hallucinations of a reality with you that didn't, wouldn't exist.

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