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Come on….

What's a bullet to a brain, Just pulling in front of a train, A Razor to a vain, Haven't you ever wanted to lose your pain, Bleed out and leave nothing but a blood stain, Drown yourself in the pouring rain,

I won't lie, I should say every tear I've shed is dry, But honestly I never cry, I won't force no one person to pry, Why should I if I don't wanna live to try, I don't show my emotions then hide, I act like I'm living a perfect life with pride,

Why should I? It won't take the pain away from me, My pain only grows like an oak tree, Drugs was my only way to be free, I could tell someone but would they really see, But instead I'm stared at like who is he?

But for every darkness, there is light, What shines brighter than a smile so pure, What sparks a grin like a laugh of joy, What warms your heart more than happiness 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 years, Its all happy

But love, Love is pain, but love is life, My grandfather told me growing up, “Pain in love is your heart telling you to focus”, “Telling you something needs your attention”,

But to me, Love is pain because there is mostly disappointment, No one feels disappointment the same, And no one feels love the same, Can be close but, not the same,

Come on….. These thoughts can fill our head easily, Because there was space saved for something else, but we can always do that right, But we can know is that for hards work, leads happiness

When happiness is earned, its earned, It's there with you forever, And it guides you when you get lost, Because at the end of this road is always a destination, But it's up to you to choose the destination for you.

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