the devilish dragon
the devilish dragon dragon-legends-2018 stories

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kneeling before the king his ice cold eyes drilling into my skull

the devilish dragon

kneeling before the king

his ice cold eyes drilling into my skull

a protective coat of metal covering my body

and a sword at my waist

the king talks to me in a booming voice

here is an age old map at the end there is treasure and guarding it is a dragon

soon I was on my way

following the map into the wicked woods

branches moving in my way

I soon saw the light and nearing the end

a ugly beast that has four heads and 3 legs

snarling at me

his fangs five inches long and sharp as a dagger

with blood red eyes

and dead bodies all around

I drew my sword and charged at the beast

swiping at his leg knocking it out from under him

making a bloody cut

he howled in pain and stumbled back in pain

I knew this was my chance so I charged for the finial blow

my blade tilted above the beasts head

and the beast picked me up in its mouth

I could feel my armor being crushed in on my body

a numbing pain coming from my arm

and drops of blood escaping onto the ground

with the last ounce of my strength I gripped the hilt of my sword and brought is down on the vile beasts head

as we both went down I knew this would be the end of me


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this is the first part of a longer story

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have a good day and god bless you

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