Some People Are Strange

      Some People Are Strange  scary stories

readmylips amateur poet, notice me
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Partially from personal experience, the rest where my mind happened to wander after.

Some People Are Strange

Some people are strange and they like it that way

Mismatched clothing, hair that hasn’t been brushed in days

Sideways glances and curious glares as they stroll by at day break

The town buzzes with gossip Murmuring rumors “Did you hear they killed that guy?” some say

Shades drawn shut Sun up till sun down Dark glasses to match Day in and day out

Will their eyes give away the stories of fright Tempt the devil on Pope John Paul street tonight?

Peeping through the windows, hiding in the shadows Circles of candles and members whispering incantations

Stooped down your teeth chatter Running away before notice of your presence is made

Finally home too scared to replay The hairs on your neck, they stand up straight

Some people are strange Now you’ll never be the same

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