Illegal Distraction

            Illegal Distraction  distracted stories

readmylips amateur poet, notice me
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Something silly to go with today’s prompt

Illegal Distraction

Saturday night and you’ve got a hot date Swiped right in hopes that he’ll get laid

Not one but two hot blondes looking for fun Skirts so short Pandora’s box is almost open Stiletto heals, no bra, Smokey eye makeup

Bumping and grinding to the music Glistening with sweat Liquor flowing Hands linger The woman tempt

Let’s go to your house in unison they grin It’s finally happening he cheers from within

They arrive at his place And attack him like prey Pawing and kissing the deception begins

One woman to keep him distracted while the other gets down to business

Watches and money Anything her sticky fingers can get

Soon after he’ll learn not to let a pretty face distract him The night he was robbed blind and tied up butt naked

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