Is this thing on?? #Filming
Is this thing on??
#Filming filming stories

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Yes I know people say that into a microphone #Filming

Is this thing on?? #Filming

Imagine you just film a video about the best moments in your life,

actually right in those best moments, great right ?? But it turns out you weren’t even filming the whole time and ya know that would kinda suck.

If you were young when it happened you wouldn’t have even remembered it.

But you know what?? When your having a bad day, broke up with someone, feeling hated by everyone you just gotta play back all your greatest moments in your mind and keep on filming.

Just because your having a bad day does not mean you just give up the rest of the day and hope of have a good rest of the day and a better day tomorrow.

Just hang in there and keep on filming it could be a good moment of a stranger smiles at you, sure you’ll forget about it as if it didn’t even happen, like you weren’t even filming.

But just keep on pushing through and dig through all the footage of your bad day and just find one good thing that happened that day. With all that footage, there’s something good in there.

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