Pain stories

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Just a story based on the daily prompt : pain. First story.


by reader

First story so don't judge

I look up from the dampened pages when I realise I'm crying.

How can a story relate to one's life so accurately?

It was an imitation of mine. An exact replica.

But what I would give to live my life in that alternate reality.

I would trade anything for what seemed like paradise in comparison.

A paradise where people talked to you, not about you.

Where you could openly share your emotions without being judged.

Where the people you cared about most deeply felt the same way about you.

But that wasn't reality. This was.

So until scientists found a way to magically transport us into our favourite realities...

We were all going to have to make do with what we had.

Which in my case, wasn't much.

I slammed the book shut. I had to stop letting my thoughts get carried away.

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