Urban Deer
Urban Deer poem stories
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rdb15 Poet, creative writer and lover of words
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A metaphoric poem about the effects of urbanization on deer.

Urban Deer

You once roamed wild over the vast prairie, Through the forests, drinking from streams. There were no boundaries. You knew the dangers of that landscape. Do you still know what it means to be wild?

The land became urbanized, developed And covered with an ugly grey hardness. Fences, houses, roads and cut down trees. This forever scarred your natural habitat. Can you still feel the free spirit of your ancestors?

The forest and meadows provided you with all You needed to survive in the world. Food, water, shelter, safety. You were the first inhabitants of the land. Do you feel like a visitor now?

Cars come grinding to a halt. People gawk and marvel at you. So strange to see deer in the city, Not realizing this was yours long before they took it. Did you have a say in this?

People must realize you don’t have enough to eat. They leave out food for you and your family. You eat their shrubs and flowers, not knowing the difference. They get angry and build more fences, put up more barriers. Do you long to be self-sufficient?

People thought if they moved in, you would move out. So many foreign noises, sights and sounds. Living on high alert all the time. The prairie’s voice muffled, the wisdom no longer known. Are you living or just existing?

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