The Backpack
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rdb15 Poet, creative writer and lover of words
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A metaphoric poem about the things we carry around with us.
(January 2020)

The Backpack

Every day the backpack is slung over her shoulders. It's heavy. Filled with things she has collected from the past. Things she believes she will need. Maybe not today, but possibly tomorrow. Or, maybe never.

It weighs her down. She's afraid to unpack the backpack. Too afraid of what she might find inside. It's burdensome. It's painful. So, she trudges along, carrying the weight she can't get rid of.

She collapses under the weight of the backpack. It's too much for her to bear. She is not strong enough too carry the lifetime of things she has stuffed in there. There is a choice to be made. Lie there and do nothing...Or, lighten the load.

She slowly unzips the backpack. Should she dump it all out? Or, take each item out one at a time? She knows she must do something. Why is all this so important? Why has she carried around all this stuff for so long?

She takes out one item. Holds it. Stares at it. Waits for something bad to happen. Nothing. She takes out another, another and yet another. Some items are painful to look at and bring tears. Others make her feel happy, confident and at peace.

She reaches in again, only to find the backpack is empty. Just to be sure, she dumps it upside down and shakes it. It really is empty. Devoid of all the things she carried around for so long. She stands up.

And, realizes it takes more strength to empty the backpack than to carry it.

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