Northern Lights

Northern Lights poem stories

rdb15 Poet, creative writer and lover of words
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A childhood memory of the Northern Lights.

June 2020

Northern Lights

The sky is so dark and vast. This is contrasted by a blanket of winter’s diamonds, scattered all over.

It is cold and crisp, but I don’t even notice. I am swaddled by the snow, as I lie down to look upwards.

Hues of pink and green like water colour strokes. Ever changing, a constant ebb and flow. Mother Nature’s heartbeat, so gentle and caressing, a sign that she is present in this moment.

I hear the lights as they dance across the sky. Soft, gentle fingers on a piano. Calming icicle chimes. Keeping beat to the rhythm.

The lights are vibrant, reaching upward like a strong fire. Fading as the wind takes it’s breath away. Twisting and swirling as it comes back to life.

I am so still. So small, dwarfed by the majestic dancing of the northern lights.

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