First Life
First Life human stories
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The rebirth of childhood in a human soul.

First Life

I am here once more To feel the forest The trees are wispering my name She remembers who I am As I remember her

So much time has passed She feels my change I am something new But I remain the same As she remains a part of me

Time stands still As I inhale her beauty There is no passing My childhood is seen once more Everything is felt

As I touch her existence She touches mine We are once more a whole What was ment to be broken There is no more

She shows me what have I become I feel the shame But she conforts me She knows that all things are final But we can live forever

The healing that passes through me She knows that I craved for it The light that shines inside me now Will soon end again She gives me one last touch

All that once was Is here now again With her I have no end I will be here until the end of times She holds me as a mother

Forgive me, for what I have become I've changed in so many ways I forgot the endless life As I remember fractures My soul brakes into pieces

My soul tremble It begs for mercy She does not need it I am her child forever She sees the beauty that lies inside of me

As I touch her oldest beauties I remember who I am She knows that I must leave once more She conforts me She has shown me all that I have craved for

My mark stays with her She has my power As I have her's All life has flourished As we feel each other

I feel small But she shows my greatness All the things that once were Are here again, in this moment She feels her existence

What have I become Why did I forgot her I have ended lifes That where not mine to end But I am a part of her, as she conforts me again

I wonder Is she real? She touches me with a breeze My soul shines She has felt it

She shows me that everything is in pair Not even the tears can save me How can I make others understand If they never felt it I continue my journey, as she guides me through

The spirits have awakened They welcome my presence As I move deeper I remember them all They've always been here

Even now, I know where to find them They appear to me They are not afraid As I am not afraid of them They called me here once more

As I reach to the end of my path I take my goodbye She kisses me with a breeze Farewell endless mother I live again.

© R. Dash

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