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rchrpoet Hey, just an unknown girl from far away
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Hey, just a little conv with my thoughts and feelings.

Little Thoughts

Sitting here alone smoking my cigarette, while my mind is somewhere else.. I love with every step i take.

But how can i love someone when my heart is broken? How can i speak when i feel unspoken? Life is full of questions.. I feel paralyzed. I feel like my soul is waiting. Waiting for love..

Waiting to love me again the person who broke my heart in thousands pieces. Who knows, maybe love isn't for me. I can see the fear in my eyes sometimes. I need a savior to save my soul.

I'm so alone, I don't have nobody to call my own. I think I'm dying slowly everyday from the inside out.

Nothing goes as planned, people said goodbye and not just this but they literally made me feel hopeless, unwanted, unloved. One of them was my sweet love of my life. Everything is broken in me.

I can fake a smile, a hug but not love. Some days I'm wondering what do I do wrong. But then I remember its not my fault. I love with all my heart but he can't handle it.

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