Feb 22 2016 Change Log
Feb 22 2016 Change Log stories

rchverifiedPunctuation Fan. I code the site & stuff
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Feb 22 2015 - Not a comprehensive list of everything that has happened since the last change log, but since the last major feature update.

Feb 22 2016 Change Log

by rch (been a while since the last one of these)

Give it a whirl Visitors can make stories before signing up

Some people were confused about where these stories come from. They come from readers like you! If you sign up immediately after publishing, you own the story. Else, we'll keep it anonymous.

Live: embedding your stories (Share story→ copy code!)

example: I never got around to designing a personal website for myself because of this, so I just slapped this on my site instead. (Don't bother reading the story) http://www.ryanjchoi.com/

standard fare

dependency updates, minor redirect fixes, upload bar tweaked, image search: tightened general filters, but it won't be perfect because in the end, they're user-uploaded and user-tagged :x

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