Blue Butterflies
Blue Butterflies school stories
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When the rumor of a high school crush gets around, a guy has to decide how he will break the news to the most popular girl in school.

Blue Butterflies

by rcallenjr1

The magic behind love is mystery. She watched me hungrily.

From the cafeteria to the classroom her eyes fixated on me. Her hair, flickering in the wind. She was infatuated.

My newest love was is my greatest mistake.

It was hard, standing there . My vision became blurry. Standing in front of the most popular girl in my high school. She had the sweetest smile.

Her eyes said it all. Acceptance would be painful.

Her glossy eyes read the love letter correctly for the first time. She looked around quickly, and looked to me for the answer.

She wanted a way out, so I gave it to her.

"I heard you have something of mine. I must have dropped it by accident. It wa s a love letter to my crush. Do you have it?" I asked. "Yes. I have it here. Lucky girl," she said.

A pleasant journey is great to its destination and back.

As I walked away with the letter, she winked. She knew she had told the entire school that I liked her. I could have broke her heart publicly. But hey, you never know. Why burn a bridge?

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