Your light.
Your light. i care stories
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rc81 Community member
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I wrote this for a girl I fell in love with. She was going through a difficult time and I wanted to let her know that I care about her and that I would be there for her. She rejected me before I could give my hand written card to her. This was my first attempt at anything poetic

Your light.

You are the most kind hearted, compassionate and beautiful person I have ever met. Your kindness and love is like the light from a single candle.

To you, at times, your light may seem dull and insignificant but it illuminates my tenebrous and damaged soul. Your love and compassion fills my desolate heart.

I truly wish that the fire you ignited in me can burn next to yours, to fill your heart with the love and joy you have ingrained in mine.

If you get lost, I pray that you see my light as I search for you, so that you never face the darkness alone. You are one of a kind. You are appreciated. You are loved.

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